1. Why do we need a Parent Association?

A Parent Association benefits everyone.

For parents: you will be better-informed with the latest development from school. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions that you would like to put across, this association is here to help channel to the school and any other concerned parties.

For example: during the transitional period from the old campuses to Butterfly Valley, the Parent Association received many input from parents of various grades for a wide varieties of concerns ranging from the traffic safety, inside campus safety to school lunches. The Parent Association consolidated all the points pointed out by parents and took the initiatives to meet with school, suppliers and policemen to help solve the issues faster and in a much more efficient manner.

There are many other big and small issues that Parent Association, with the help of many parent volunteers, managed to help quicken and smoothen the processes.

For school: we help school to recruit volunteers a lot faster. School get to hear the needs of parents and therefore are able to address issues faster as the Parent Association help streamline the communications.

For our children: What parents and school do undoubtedly have direct impact on our children. A very good examples are when CAIS moved to Butterfly Valley, CAIS recruited more than 200 parent volunteers to help with all fronts: library book arrangements, directing traffic to make sure children are safe going and leaving school for the first week in the new campus.

Research has also shown that parents who are involved with their children’s school do better academically. Please refer to the following sites:



2. Why is it a PA and not a PTA where teachers are also involved?

CAISPA welcome any teachers to join. In fact, some teachers and their spouses are in our class WhatsApp group, they are informed about PA updates and news indirectly. We will work closely with school board and representatives from teachers. When we are requested to change from PA to PTA we are always ready to have teachers to work and to walk together.

3. Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

Parent Association is a registered legal entity. As any legal organizations, we need to pay for the setting-up, we need to pay an auditor every year for accountability, we do and will hold events, we need to print communications materials.

One hundred dollars a year for a family is a very minimum fee. Divide that with 365 days, you are spending a few cents per day. Whether you have 1 child or more than 1 children, you are paying the same fee.

We all work voluntarily, none of us gets paid. Every single cent you spend will go back to you. To benefit you!

4. What’s in it for me?

This is probably one of the questions we hear most often without anyone trying to be mean….. Parents really want to know what they’ll get out of it. So here are some direct benefits you can feel better about:

– your voice can be heard faster

– your concerns and input are represented and can be channeled faster to the concerned party(ies)

– there will be talksseminars exclusive for members of CAISPA. Whenever CAISPA organize outings that involve costs; family members will have a discounted price.

– We constantly think of new ways to benefit members. Stay tuned to learn about our emerging ideas.

5. Do I have to get involved when I become a member?

No, you don’t have to! But you should, ideally. We understand every parent has different schedule at different time, we appreciate parents who come forward to offer help as we rely on volunteers. However, you are not obligated to volunteer just because you are a member.

6. How do I get information from CAISPA and find out what is going on?

We have class representatives who help to communicate to every parent. If you are not in the class WhatApp group yet, you are welcome to write to us at info@caispa.org , we will be glad to help you get connected.

Our facebook is updated very timely. Find us: www.facebook.com/caispa.org/

Visit our website at: www.caispa.org

You are welcome to communicate with us, do write to us for any specific questions: info@caispa.org

7. How do I become a member and how do I pay?

It is very easy.

You can download the application form from your website:


Fill-in the application form and email it back to us at: members@caispa.org or you may send your application form complete with a cheque* of $100 as an annual membership fee payable to
Christian​ ​Alliance​ ​International​ ​School​ ​Parent​ ​Association​ ​Ltd”​ to the following address:


Unit 5, 9 th Floor, W50, Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

*please write your name and phone number at the back of your cheque.

8. Can I pay more?

Absolutely. We have some generous parents who donated to Parent Association. Every single cent we received is recorded. The $100 annual fee you pay covers the minimum operational costs.

9. How do I get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved:

– write to us at info@caispa.org

– watch-out for news we disseminate through your class representative from time to time

– on the application form, we asked the question of how you would like to volunteer

10. Is there any AGM (Annual General Meeting) for all members?

The AGM is conducted every fiscal year to keep all members informed what have been done and what are in the pipeline, including financial report. The tenure of Executive Committee (Exco) is two years. It is during the AGM that we would appoint new Exco. Any parent members can become an Exco by stepping forward. Do participate in this meeting! We plan to conduct this meeting in October. More details will be announced through your class representative, CAISPA website and Facebook.